hello everyone. my blog has been on hold for a very long time and im sorry for that. ill be sure to tell you guys everything. hope you havea good day i need to get ready for work. bye!


since we got in trouble from talking in ace on my blog i totally forgot that i can still post things. i just haven’t been Un-lazy enough to do it. i am truly sorry for all you regular viewers. i will try to keep posting the news and other things too i am also changing up a few things too. let me know what you think. i am taking off the riddles. i think they are just time consuming. plus the site i used to get those riddles is blocked at all times on my computer. so i am stuck on that. i will be taking off my lame ass stupid story im sure all of you are sick of checking to see if i added things. its not going to happen. ill tell you the end. she gets out of the hospital and throws away her pills meets a nice guy and lives with her parents until shes 25. moves in with her boyfriend gets on track and is normal after that. her memory is copletly shot form what demon was inside her and she is working a full time job at drama directing. and goes back to get her high school diploma. what a great ending huh… well any way. im taking it off. lol
im going to make diary post every other day like monday wednesday and friday. weekends i work. yeah i got a job at the good egg. amazing huh. i never thought i would get one but i did, i work weekends.
i will be cleaning up the pictures and making my blog look alot better its just so cluttered i need to figure out how to make better things.

well i guess ill get on that later. but now i kinda have to go. not really but im tired of writing. here is again my email address if you want to talk to me.




thanks for your patience, my blog is now under construction.


im going to stick to one layout and thats that.
i plan to have my blog updated by the end of the month. today is may 8th 2009 so may 30th if not sooner. alright adios. ūüôā

talk in ace


hey whats up hows it goin?

my life so far


for one id like to start out by saying, im happy. im well treated and very secure with my karra baby. anything she does is very trusted and i can trust her with my life. you know those fairy tail romantics with a happily ever after. and you know how your parents told you , you dont know what love is and that you wont find your true love until the day you get married? well not everyone finds their love and not everyone is happy with who they marry. also when people talk about marriage or kids when they’re still in high school. your friends are telling you OMG isnt it to soon for you guys to be talking about that stuff? well here i am and shakarra entered my life. NOW.. thats all i ever dream about. having a family with the one and only girl i ever wanted. the girl ive been looking for for my entire life. shes here and im oh so happy. i want to make a future and have a life together. and for those who look down on me for saying that…… you have no idea how much i love this girl. she is my life. and my world. you know. we have the great times and then we have the rough times, but you know what…. you wouldnt call it love if you didnt have problems. i want my entire life to be spent with shakarra dickert. all i want is her. i love her. i just want her. just shakarra. i love you.‚ô•

half days!


you know half days are still dumb. i like not having school the rest of the day. but then i have nothing to do. i guess i can walk up to rachels house and spend time with her. but im not really sure. i think i will. thats gonna be the only thing i could do. i guess i have been avoiding her. i dont mean to but i have just been busy. i would like to help. i miss them. ANYWAY!!! my house got broken into. i have to pack up my things for 3rd period.. later!

i like your ipod kar it has good music.

day in ace.


well i got ace (detention) for the whole day for having a movie on my lap top. pineapple express. so im going to be in here reading like a mad horse and fixing my blog up. i am regretting having any movies on my computer because i hate getting into trouble. but i kinda also needed a day to get some work done. even though i did as much as i could yesterday so i wouldnt have anything to do in here but read and blog. i finished my home work yesterday at the bus yard. i can work on my story a little bit and get things fixed. 

im already bored with today. i dont think ill ever get ace again cause i dont want to sit here and do nothing. thats what i do at home and it sucks like no other. AHHH 6 hours in one room insane.

so i¬†registered¬†for my classes next year. i have to make up like 5 classes. my freshman year was really bad. i was unstable and my family was falling apart. my dad went to jail when i was in the 8th grade and our life just sorta… got wasted. we werent happy and we struggled alot. so i failed pretty much all of my 9th grade year, so now i have to take 4 freshman classes over and im going to take summer school. if i go to an intermediate school like Pantano or pep tech then that will look bad on my report to college. i really tried last year and i failed. even if i graduate early i will miss my girlfriend. i am going to talk to some of my teachers and see if i can get something so i can make my credits and not have to go to summer school. it just hurts me knowing that i have to do extra time to take the same class again.

to get off the grades and school subject i just want to say how thankful i am to have such a beautiful girlfriend. shakarra is everything to me. and i know its just mushy gushy stuff but its really true. i dont think ive ever loved anyone as much as i love shakarra. every moment of the day i think of her. in my dreams i dream of her and when im with other people i talk about her, non stop. GOD I LOVE HER!!! she is the best person to love. 

i love you shakarra. everyone should know that. i want to show the you to the world. to show how beautiful and special you really are. i wont ever stop loving you. your my life. and im happy with you.


this weekend shakarra came over. well on friday after school she came over and we didnt do jack for going out anywhere, but thats alright. i got to have her come over. we watched the bucket list and then i went to bed. i woke up to my dad turning on my light then he went to work. shakarra came in my room and then we went back to sleep. take in mind this is about 5 o clock in the morning when my dad went to work then 7 o clock when shakarra came in my room. so then around 8 or so my mom woke up and fed my dogs. then she looked in my room to se if kar was in there and sure enough she turned my light off and sighed and went back to bed. i woke up and asked my mom if i could make breakfast for everyone and she was like “WE NEED TO TALK” and i automatically said mom even ask dad she was not in my room the entire night he checked in my room before he left to work. so i did not disobey you. honestly does she think that i will allow kar to wander in my room to let my mom catch her and her never stay the night again? im not going to risk that. im not as dumb as she thinks i am. so stop trying to yell at me and friggin trust me already. i am not going to do anything wrong, seriously. anyway. so then shakarras mom comes to pick her up and then she asks if i can stay over at her house for the superbowl but then she said that they didnt want to go anywhere on sunday so i got to stay until monday which is today btw.that was cool. i had fun. we watched the super bowl and the steelers. thats cool i guess. i was rooting for the cardinals cause they are my home state AZ WOO but its okay that they lost because i dont really care. go steelers. ANY WHO i cut alot of string and cut alot of 1 inch by 1 inch peices of paper. kar cut more paper than i did but i did glueing to so there i did more. i thought it was fun. over all i had a good weekend. i dont feel like writing any more im taking notes. bye for now. ‚ô•

43 wow thats alot.

43 wow thats alot.

okay one more thing, so i was watching the news last night and they said that¬†com cast¬†users that were watching the super bowl saw¬†pornography¬†on the screen of their t.v in the last few minutes of the game. how sick is that. people and their kids were watching that game and the person who did that will get caught and will get charged alot of money and its a federal¬†offense¬†to show porn on national t.v. you are a sick person! alright thats it LATERZZZ!!! ūüôā

things with me have been quite boring. i havnt really done much lately to improve my mental health as well as my educational reasoning. my necessities are failing and i have become extremely lazy. i need to clean my room and i need to get my grades up. i have spent to much time doing nothing and i need to crack down. i have to. my grade in geometry is going down hill and i have been neglecting my home work.¬†i keep procrastinating which needs to be stopped. and how i will do that i haven’t a clue.


i have notes to take g2g for now.



writers block i have no idea what to write about. boring!! 

im so lame, it sucks.