the days of my life.


things with me have been quite boring. i havnt really done much lately to improve my mental health as well as my educational reasoning. my necessities are failing and i have become extremely lazy. i need to clean my room and i need to get my grades up. i have spent to much time doing nothing and i need to crack down. i have to. my grade in geometry is going down hill and i have been neglecting my home work. i keep procrastinating which needs to be stopped. and how i will do that i haven’t a clue.


i have notes to take g2g for now.


One Response to “the days of my life.”

  1. poopypeepeepoo said

    There isn’t much to say other then, just do it. The thing about motivation is that its never there when you want it to be and always there when you can’t do anything about it. It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken by creating your own motivation even when there is none.

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