yesterdays post for todays post.


this weekend shakarra came over. well on friday after school she came over and we didnt do jack for going out anywhere, but thats alright. i got to have her come over. we watched the bucket list and then i went to bed. i woke up to my dad turning on my light then he went to work. shakarra came in my room and then we went back to sleep. take in mind this is about 5 o clock in the morning when my dad went to work then 7 o clock when shakarra came in my room. so then around 8 or so my mom woke up and fed my dogs. then she looked in my room to se if kar was in there and sure enough she turned my light off and sighed and went back to bed. i woke up and asked my mom if i could make breakfast for everyone and she was like “WE NEED TO TALK” and i automatically said mom even ask dad she was not in my room the entire night he checked in my room before he left to work. so i did not disobey you. honestly does she think that i will allow kar to wander in my room to let my mom catch her and her never stay the night again? im not going to risk that. im not as dumb as she thinks i am. so stop trying to yell at me and friggin trust me already. i am not going to do anything wrong, seriously. anyway. so then shakarras mom comes to pick her up and then she asks if i can stay over at her house for the superbowl but then she said that they didnt want to go anywhere on sunday so i got to stay until monday which is today btw.that was cool. i had fun. we watched the super bowl and the steelers. thats cool i guess. i was rooting for the cardinals cause they are my home state AZ WOO but its okay that they lost because i dont really care. go steelers. ANY WHO i cut alot of string and cut alot of 1 inch by 1 inch peices of paper. kar cut more paper than i did but i did glueing to so there i did more. i thought it was fun. over all i had a good weekend. i dont feel like writing any more im taking notes. bye for now. ♥

43 wow thats alot.

43 wow thats alot.

okay one more thing, so i was watching the news last night and they said that com cast users that were watching the super bowl saw pornography on the screen of their t.v in the last few minutes of the game. how sick is that. people and their kids were watching that game and the person who did that will get caught and will get charged alot of money and its a federal offense to show porn on national t.v. you are a sick person! alright thats it LATERZZZ!!! 🙂


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