day in ace.


well i got ace (detention) for the whole day for having a movie on my lap top. pineapple express. so im going to be in here reading like a mad horse and fixing my blog up. i am regretting having any movies on my computer because i hate getting into trouble. but i kinda also needed a day to get some work done. even though i did as much as i could yesterday so i wouldnt have anything to do in here but read and blog. i finished my home work yesterday at the bus yard. i can work on my story a little bit and get things fixed. 

im already bored with today. i dont think ill ever get ace again cause i dont want to sit here and do nothing. thats what i do at home and it sucks like no other. AHHH 6 hours in one room insane.

so i registered for my classes next year. i have to make up like 5 classes. my freshman year was really bad. i was unstable and my family was falling apart. my dad went to jail when i was in the 8th grade and our life just sorta… got wasted. we werent happy and we struggled alot. so i failed pretty much all of my 9th grade year, so now i have to take 4 freshman classes over and im going to take summer school. if i go to an intermediate school like Pantano or pep tech then that will look bad on my report to college. i really tried last year and i failed. even if i graduate early i will miss my girlfriend. i am going to talk to some of my teachers and see if i can get something so i can make my credits and not have to go to summer school. it just hurts me knowing that i have to do extra time to take the same class again.

to get off the grades and school subject i just want to say how thankful i am to have such a beautiful girlfriend. shakarra is everything to me. and i know its just mushy gushy stuff but its really true. i dont think ive ever loved anyone as much as i love shakarra. every moment of the day i think of her. in my dreams i dream of her and when im with other people i talk about her, non stop. GOD I LOVE HER!!! she is the best person to love. 

i love you shakarra. everyone should know that. i want to show the you to the world. to show how beautiful and special you really are. i wont ever stop loving you. your my life. and im happy with you.


One Response to “day in ace.”

  1. Kar said

    hi brittney, what poem? my poem i have to perform today?

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