talk talk talk talk talk talk Woot


i like your ipod kar it has good music.


38 Responses to “talk talk talk talk talk talk Woot”

  1. Kar said

    thanks. I found my hhead phones so I’m listening to my new sick ass metal I gotz ^_^

  2. Kar said

    so like what are you listening too?

  3. Kar said

    dododedo…. you gonna say anything else?

  4. yes i will. im listening to shuffel

  5. Kar said

    haha, i post something every minute. Im just awesome like that I guess. I’m so kick ass. lol, jkjk, I’m a big dorky loser that plays marapets and pokemon all day hahahahaha…..

  6. yes you are but you are my dork.

  7. Kar said

    you just put it on shuffle and are listening to like all the songs that come up? oookay, your gonna find some weird crazy stuff that way lol.

  8. Kar said

    lol okay, “Brittney’s Dork” Im gonna change my name to that on myspace whenever I get the chance.

  9. yeah i have. lol i dont remember what but the country and stuff is ok. i pass that though.

  10. how much longer do we have in this class?

  11. Kar said

    weird stuff…… haha, i need to get a lot off my ipod that i dont listen too, but i dont have my computer. i also need to put some stuff on it. grrr, i want my computer back. i could be making so much more money on marapets >.<

  12. yes you can. it sucks im sorry.

  13. Kar said

    kar= marapets addict

  14. Kar said

    well, its not as bad as drugs ^_^
    But it is just as effective at drawing me in and making me think about it all the time.. 0_0 I want. ugh…

  15. Kar said

    want….sex ^_^

    I was talking about mara though 0_o

  16. Kar said

    omg your not talking any more AAAH! What did I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. you didnt do anything. really i was packing up and didnt know if you were on any more and besides you wrote those at like 7 and nine o clock. soooo boooo yahhhh.

  18. Kar said

    whatever brittney, it doesnt matter. you still stopped talking to me 😦

  19. Kar said

    AHH! Talk to me, i have nothing to do but take notes, Were going through a powerpoint in art and I hate that. Just tell me the… instructions and let me paint!

  20. Kar said

    REQUIREMENTS! thats the word i was looking for.

  21. Kar said

    Symbol: a thing that represents something else….. seriously, thats on the powerpoint.
    Skull: death: celebration of life.
    Expensive car: wealth: materialism
    Rose: love:passion:beauty

  22. Kar said

    here i go with the minute thing again lol…

  23. Kar said

    BRITTNEY!!! TALK TO ME, I WANT TO TALK… We have to talk.

  24. Kar said


  25. Kar said

    i love you!!!

  26. Kar said

    dont leave me *Cries*

  27. shakarra.. i have to talk to you about the snake.

  28. marissa lost her snake before and she has an idea of where it might be, is it okay if she helps look for it?

  29. shakarra said

    well the snake is gone and everybody knows it, but it looks nice and its really clean and pretty for the next snake we get.

  30. thats good. what do you want to name the next one?

  31. oh yeah poision…. i for got LOL

  32. shakarra said

    lol yeah. <——O.o <-snake lol

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