my life so far


for one id like to start out by saying, im happy. im well treated and very secure with my karra baby. anything she does is very trusted and i can trust her with my life. you know those fairy tail romantics with a happily ever after. and you know how your parents told you , you dont know what love is and that you wont find your true love until the day you get married? well not everyone finds their love and not everyone is happy with who they marry. also when people talk about marriage or kids when they’re still in high school. your friends are telling you OMG isnt it to soon for you guys to be talking about that stuff? well here i am and shakarra entered my life. NOW.. thats all i ever dream about. having a family with the one and only girl i ever wanted. the girl ive been looking for for my entire life. shes here and im oh so happy. i want to make a future and have a life together. and for those who look down on me for saying that…… you have no idea how much i love this girl. she is my life. and my world. you know. we have the great times and then we have the rough times, but you know what…. you wouldnt call it love if you didnt have problems. i want my entire life to be spent with shakarra dickert. all i want is her. i love her. i just want her. just shakarra. i love you.♥


4 Responses to “my life so far”

  1. Tigerpants said

    Hey, how long has it been for you guys? 6 months? it has been a long time, good for you guys.

    and You know, I don’t think there’s any problem planning ahead, It’s healthy. But it’s when people plan on other people, that’s when you get in trouble. like, say, counting your chickens before they hatch.

    lol, I thought I was going to marry Ryan at one point, I didn’t see any other option for me, I thought that was my life.

    Jeez am I glad I out out of that one! lol

    I guess my point is People, things, the world, is always in change. Keep an open mind.

  2. Kar said

    … thanks Shari. What are you trying to say huh? That I’m not a good idea? Its almost been 8 months. will be on the 30th so *nea*(sticks out tongue) Anyways, I thought it was sweet.

    I spend like no time on my blog anymore, but i still look at everyone else’s occasionally. It’s that darn marapets. just draws me in. It is a complex game and I think brittney is fina OH GOD!! MY DOG JUST FARTED!!!!! EEEEWWWWWWW!…………………………………………………… realisin….g SHE DID IT AGAIN! that it is, so she stopped making fun of me for it lol.

    My dog has some of the worst farts ever i swear. she has such bad gas that when she farts, she leaves the room. its horrible ugh, i feel sick to my stomach now. her horrid gas is so potent it’s gonna burn my lungs. ugh *sick*

  3. Tigerpants said

    Lol Kar… where the hell did you get the inspiration to write about dog farts???

    Anywhoo, I’m not saying you’re a bad idea, just you might change, Brittney might change, it’s what happens, people change. I just don’t want to see her get hurt.

    just in case.. Lol jk jk

  4. Kar said

    haha, too late. we been hurt and we both changed, but, we still love eachother. hell, i couldnt even pull off that fake breakup for April Fools day. lol No way I could do it fr real

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