talk in ace


hey whats up hows it goin?


56 Responses to “talk in ace”

  1. Kar said

    my hands and arms hurt from carving so much. i messed up on parts of the border, but so far it looks okay.

  2. i think it looks good. if you ask me.

  3. Kar said

    well, you havent seen much of it yet. i want to be done with it. i hope i took enough out so it doesnt look stupid. arg!
    This isnt so bad you know.

  4. i know. its actually better sometimes. you dont have to deal with alot of kids or people talking but this is like grade school again because your in one class.

  5. omg! i havnt been on race kings in forever. i need to talk to stevo.. hes my song updater!

  6. Kar said

    yeah. thats a good way to put it.. ugh im hungry 😦 I want food. i wonder if i can get mom to take me to fry’s so i can get myself some cheetoes and snack food for tomorrow, i been thinking a lot about food since there is nothing really to do. i dont know what to do now. I could read, i dont want to do anything with my hands. even typing hurts a little. im slow now. ugh

  7. oh its okay. i cheated majorly on the soduko thing. i found a cool website that you punch in the numbers and press solve and walla there you go.

  8. Kar said

    wow, thats a real… idk, waist of time. time goes by faster if you concentrate on something. i wish we could have our computers out durring lunch, i want to play mara or something! i dont know what to do now. except talk to you, but i dont know what to talk about.

  9. Kar said

    nice change

  10. i dont either.. i totally changed the settings
    hey… um so whats the deal with your mom? did you talk to her?

  11. Kar said

    you got your AM and PM mixed up.

  12. Kar said

    talk to her about what?

  13. Kar said

    30 minutes till lunch! I’m excited

  14. Kar said

    radio is playing some pretty good songs.

  15. idk just what she wants from you?

  16. Kar said

    steriods in baseball. oh yeah, thats totally you….not

  17. Kar said

    no possible communication MY ASS! hahahahaha

  18. Kar said

    stop changing it! Now its just annoying. i dont like this one

  19. Kar said

    i dont know what my mom wants from me, i really dont know. she just wants me to be a good girl. but i try and its not good enough because something bad always happens no matter what i try to do. ugh >.<

  20. brit said

    okay okay ill change it. but ummmmmm your mom needs to change not you.

  21. Kar said

    i am starving! and the lunch people just yell at each other and stuff, sounds like a sweat shop in there. ARG! DUOIOUBREGIB IRBGANF IBRWINF!!!! Is all i can here in there. lol. sounds bad though.

  22. Kar said

    its boring talking to myself……

  23. Kar said

    quit changing everything and talk to me! or im gonna read

  24. well your mom needs to change not you.. its wrong and twisted what shes doing to you. and she needs to realize what shes doing and get over it.

  25. and yes the lunch people are annoying.

  26. Kar said

    oh well whatever. im growing out my finger nails again, since i dont have to worry about hurting you any more…….i need to get more nail polish. my black one dried out for some reason. it was closed i swear, but it was like rubber when i opened it. grrrr. cheap crap.

  27. i like this one more. and im hungry too. sorta
    the radio station that is playing is one of my favorite stations

  28. what do you mean not hurting me any more you poked me in the eye!!! lol

  29. Kar said

    IM SORRY! I didnt mean too. now i feel bad again 😦

  30. Kar said


  31. hunny its really okay.. dont worry about me. im fine. and i dont think your mom will hold you to this until december i really dont.

  32. Kar said

    i been grounded for not doing her work since december. what makes you think she wont hold to this one?

  33. i dont know. its outrageous. and she knows it. even tom knows it. she cant ground you forever.

  34. Kar said

    sure she can. until i move out, and at this point how they are acting will be ASAP.

  35. Kar said

    ( . )( . ) <– Missed very much. I could sing a song about them. i feel so emo without them. *cries*

  36. Kar said

    i want to move away…

  37. but i dont understand why shes making a big deal out of this when the school isnt. if the schools not making a big deal then why should your mom?

  38. i do to… soon this will all be over. and we can make our own decisions.

  39. Kar said

    thats what i tried to explane to my mom, but she just wont get it. its almost lunch time!

  40. Kar said

    yeah. where do you want to go?

  41. i want to go some where not to far but i kinda want to get out of az. az seems like a black hole.

  42. Kar said

    you been all over the place. whats your favorite? where is the prettiest place?

  43. i have a sore throat… 😦

  44. Kar said

    aww im sorry. let me line it with my saliva, then maybe it will feel better with a nice coat ^_^

  45. Kar said


  46. brit said

    canada. or ummmmmm idk.. id have to say montana.

  47. brit said

    well then you will get a sore throat

  48. brit said

    do you honetsly think my hair is ugly? tell me the brutal truth.

  49. Kar said

    did i say something wrong? now you wont talk to me.

  50. Kar said

    *cries* :(:(:(:(:(:(

  51. Kar said

    you changed it again… i liked the last one

  52. Kar said

    okay, and now its back to the one i like

  53. Kar said

    i like the rainbow one

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