the man who laughs


Veidt, one of Germany’s most popular film stars, had been brought to America in 1926 to play France’s King Louis XI in Warner Bros./First National’s The Beloved Rogue. He then moved over to Universal, where he first made A Man’s Past (now lost) and The Man Who Laughs. First released in 1928 as a silent, Universal pulled the film from theaters, and then re-released it later that year with a a synchronized Movietone score that included some sound effects. Its director, the distinguished German filmmaker Paul Leni, had previously worked with Veidt in Waxworks (1924), in which Veidt had given an unforgettable performance as the paranoid Russian czar Ivan the Terrible. To this day,The Man Who Laughs remains one of the finest examples of German expressionism transplanted to American film, and Gywneplaine, whose face has been surgically distorted into a permanent and horrible smile, one of Veidt’s most acclaimed performances. Despite painful prosthetic make-up, Veidt gives one of his most powerful and eloquent performances, using his large, expressive eyes and his body language to convey the character’s emotion when the rest of his face cannot. The Man Who Laughs was a success and Veidt went on to make one more film for Universal, The Last Performance, directed by Paul Fejos. The Last Performance for the most part was released as a silent, but the talkie era had definitely arrived, and despite the prospect of playing the title role in Universal’s production of Dracula, Veidt felt his heavily accented English would hinder his acceptance in American sound film. (Admittedly, his accent would not have been a problem for Dracula.) He returned to Germany, where he once again took up his place as a preeminent actor until he was forced to flee to England after Hitler and the Nazi Party gained control of Germany. Veidt acted in English for the remainder of his career, first in England, and then in The United States, until his death in 1943.


the man who laughs

the man who laughs


el castomundo

el castomundo


school… today.


well readers im in drivers ed class right now. getting ready to take notes. i got everything downloaded and everything so i can take them when ever. oh crap their starting. ill write more later. 3 mins pass….


okay well i know everything in this class anyway. i can also get the notes from some one else. im still paying attention so i still know whats going on.

today i got my schedule changed and now its

1st geometry

2nd service leadership

3rd biology

4th health

5th drivers ed

and 6 english

im okay with that because i didnt really like my 4th hour drivers ed. but now i really hate it because i cant stand some of the people in this new class. i will also miss bobbies exciting stories. oh well. i dont really care.

i had a good lunch today.

see!! im paying attention the number 2 animal causing death while driving is…

a.lions b. tigers. c. buck d. bees.

the answer is D bees. why? because people try to swat at them and they loose control of the car ans swerve. and crash!!! seee i know things.

any way. lunch was good but laura and shakarra liked to make fun of my carrot. cause it looked like they think…. “dirty” lol

i called my mom and asked her if it was okay for me to stay the night at shakarras house for 2 nights cause my mom dad and brother are going to a party and i dont want to go. so i asked and both our parents said yes so im happy for that.

my life at school is kinda boring right now so ill work on my blog some more. i always say that but i never do it. but this time i have time. so asta la vista baby ……. ill be back!

woot. times 50


i got pictures up and things. go look at them their funny.♥



1st period what did i do… oh yes i took a quiz for geometry and i forgot to do my homework last night for hilliker but i made that up in tutoring today after school. the test was pretty easy i think i did good on it knowing i didnt study the notes at all cause i was waiting for tim to give me the notes on a flash drive because i didnt download the notes off hillikers blog. and it wouldnt load. so i think i did good i dont know what i got but we used a remote thing that you press the answers to the questions on it and it goes to a server box to let mr hilliker know that you answered all the questions. but 1st wasnt all that great today but its always the class im waking up in. 

2nd period we had that crazy sub mr aimes. hes like the most weirdest guy youd ever meet. i mean hes a nice guy yes but hes just annoying at times. he always cracks lame jokes like today when cody was singing, aimes was like “oh hey can you sing tenor? TEN OR FIFTEEN MILES AWAY FROM HERE? and then he said can you sing solo? SO LOW WE CANNOT HEAR YOU?” im just sitting there listening to this guy make the dumbest jokes and itried to ignore him. i got a blank peice of paper and started looking for a picture to draw cause i was in a drawing mood. and i decided to draw my favorite character tweety bird, yes i drew him. and it looks half way decent. i like it. during 2nd we got candy. it was not the best candy ever but i ate it. then it started to rain. i love it when it rains. its my favorite.

in 3rd period we took notes nothing new……….. i totally blanked on what we did in class today. shit! oh well. today has been weird for me cause i thought it was a wednesday blok day but then i also thought it was a tuesday block day. so i got myself all confused. and idk maybe it was because angela wasnt here is why i was lost today. i mean i have her in 3 of my classes 1 3 and 5. but i dont think thats the case. but i have to do a research paper to do in that class and i need 20 annotated bibs. to turn in in monday so our class can peer edit them. and i dont even have a great topic. my topic that i just decided on along time ago was if there is life anywhere other than earth. and its so vague that i just want to choose an easer topic. but i have no idea what to do. it can be on anything that will be interesting and i have to teach it to the class as a final. which is actually a great deal when you are on top of things but when your behind you are so lost and you get frustrated. like me. but i am gonna look up info on life beyond earth to see what i get. 

in 4th period i went to drivers ed. that class is really boring and easy to me. i just stayed in this class so that i can get great insurance when i get a car and stuff. im confident that when i take my permit test i will pass because its all common sence and its really easy material. were taking a test tomorrow, ill pass it with flying colors. and if i dont then i will study hard. we took notes and we looked at funny and weird signs. ill post some on here if i can find some. it will be under a page called funny and weird signs. it will be cool to look at.

then lunch came. ahh the good ol’ luch line. always long and full of surprises. you never know when laura will try to push you off the stage. but she doesnt really push you off she just likes to trick you and so do i and so does shakarra. and so does anyone who really wants you to scream and make fun of you. but then i shooved shakarras spoonful of applesauce  in her mouth and it was really funny cause it got ALL Over her mouth. and i busted up laughing. but then she got mad and she was all over laura….. laura why did you let her. UGH! its ok. sam and jake were popping milk cartons and trying to make it sound really loud but jake you totally failed. and sam you get a score of 10 sorry jake. 

5th period health was funny as hell. mr bye was nervous about telling the class about pooping.he was like you NEED to poop. all serious like and then kelley and i started laughting cause you dont hear that everyday. and then i got to thinking that ‘its funny to know that everyone in the room has pooped before and will in the future’ then we started talking about corn poopie and this is what he said… “have you ever looked at you poop by accident after eating dinner and your side dish was corn? well what did you notice?it was still the same shape when it came out as when it went in right? and again kelley and i busted out laughing. but any way thats what went down in 5th hour.

the last hour of the day which felt like forever to get to went by soooo slow. i mean miss elliott talks alot about pretty much nothing. shes our new teacher and all cause ms.loxterman left us to got to ohio so now we have a new teacher. shes alright but shes just strict. but what ever ill get used to her.

tutoring. after school. i hung out with my girlfriend and i also got my homework done. then laura slapped me with her stupid wallet chain. that hurt alot. but it was okay.. i didnt cry like a little girl and want my mom to kiss it to make it feel better but karra did and it still hurt after a while. oh well. then after tutoring walter picked me up from school and then we headed to the bank. then we went to mickey d’s which is Mc Donald’s. and i got a double cheeseburger. its was like the best burger i got from that place in a long time. like it tasted really good. for my drink i got a water and then i went to get a drink and when i went to put my elbow on the table(with the cup still in my hand) the table magically moved up and i spilt my water. like i completely missed the entire table by like 3 inches. i felt like a blonde. even though i am but my hair is turning color. 

now im at home trying to make the longest post in the world.  haha its longer than i thought it was going to be. but ill get some pictures up and hopefully get more fun things up. have a good day/night everyone …good night.♥



holy crap 12 19 words. thats crazy.

have any of you (readers) felt like the time that we spend each day thinking about the future goes by so slow? but when the future comes and goes we think it went by so fast? i think about that and i realize something that our time here on this earth is so long. i got an email form my good friend sherry lawrence and in the email it said that life is the longest thing in the world what can we possibly do thats longer. it just made me think about it and i agree to it. 

whats your feed back? comment i want to start conversations on here.♥

tying a tie?


I CAN DO IT!!!! i learned how to tie a tie. imagine that! my main thing i have wanted to know how to do and I CAN!!!! yippeeeee!!!♥

how to tie a tie. this explains ALL!!!

how to tie a tie. this explains ALL!!!

well i dunno.


so its going to be a 3 day weekend. im kind of excited but then i am not really excited to go home. but i do need to clean my room for a well being. i need to clean it  it will make me happy. ♥

Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley died from a mixture of heroin and cocaine, an autopsy and toxicology report revealed Monday.

Laboratory results determined the singer died April 5, according to a spokesperson for the King County medical examiner’s office, the same day fellow grunge pioneer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Staley was found dead two weeks later, surrounded by intravenous drug paraphernalia in his Seattle apartment.

The death certificate reads Staley’s death resulted from “an acute intoxication due to the combined effects of opiate (heroin) and cocaine.” The death was classified as “accidental.”

The lethal combination goes by the name “speedball” in drug circles. The same ingredients contributed to the deaths of comedian John Belushi in 1982 and actor River Phoenix in 1993. 

layne stanley. its a shame hes a damned good singer. and i would love to see him live

layne staley. its a shame hes a damned good singer. and i would love to see him live

my dad knows how to sing just like him so its kinda like seeing him live. his band alice in chains is my main base music. all of the music i like today is based off of him. i grew up with him as a kid and i live every bit of music he has produced with his band. also mad season is a great band layne staley sang in. its awesome. you all would enjoy him.

john belushi was a really funny comedian to bad that he died eh?

john belushi was a really funny comedian to bad that he died eh?

and lastly… another famous actor. starred in one of my all time favorite movies. RIVER PHOENIX

river phoenix. played in stand by me and many many more films that i love. good actor.

river phoenix. played in stand by me and many many more films that i love. good actor.

3 good men that destroyed their lives from an accidental overdose. i would love to meet them and tell them they are stupid. they caould have made their lives so great but they had to trash it with drugs. but its their life. they chose the path that led to death so be it.♥

today and yesterday


saturday… top to bottom. 

i get a phone call from shakarra. she woke me up. i talked to her for a while. then she had to go. i went back to sleep. then i had a dream that she would magically show up at my house. and surprise me. and i wake up to that dream with… a shakarra opening my door and jumping on me practically. and i was so happy to see her . i gave her a big hug and kiss and didnt want to let go.but i had to get in the shower so we can hang out at the mall. my cousin james and my friend tim stayed the night. then i got out and we all went to the mall but shakarra and i left like 45 mins early to catch the bus then we got on and then my mom called and said the boys just left the house to catch the bus and i told her to tel them they missed it. on the weekends the buses run every hour compared to every half hour on week days. so they took the next bus and we headed to the mall. we found our friends in the food court at the mall. park place. and then we get lunch. the chinease food place right next to the mcdonalds. well when we sat down to eat it, i would knock the food off shakarras fork and then take a bite of the food. then she did it to me but we got it every where. it was funny.. after we ate justyn james laura leah alex shakarra and i all go to sears in the bottom floor and play hide and go seek.  i did inc a bink a bottle of inc  to find out who was it first and it was justyn.. i think.  any way  we played and then we took a break and then we just hung out. but i got this crazy idea to get our breasts sized at victorias secret i found out that im bigger than i thought and for shakarra shes bigger than what she thought to. haha see how that turns out.  then we had to go home and lauras dad took me home shakarra home and laura home. lauras dad rocks..thanks lauras dad. when i got home i dont remember what i did. but today i woke up to shakarra again. she didnt come over though. she just called me.i was craving cereal and i didnt think we had any so i got up and i looked and we did. i was happy i had capin crunch. it was goooood. and then i cleaned thr bathroom and hung up a shelf in the bathroom. and organized things neatly. and then my brother told me that i didnt do a good enough job cleaning the bath tub. yeah what a jerk… i dont see you cleaning the bathroom. at least some one is cleaning it. i even cleaned the dust off the walls. how about them apples. any way after i cleaned the bathroom i saw baby pictures of my daddy. he was such a cute baby. and then we ordered pizza at pizza hut. it was good pizza. and then i took a shower cause i stank. like cleaning supplies. then i got on to write to everyone on my blog.  but im sorry for not updating things. but things with my mom are going a little better. but she still is trying hard to not think about it. and she is pushing it under the rug. its to big to push under the rug. and my aunt shannon took it better than any other person in my family did. even my dad took it better than my mom. but oh well like i said im trying to give her space.i also sent karras mom an apology letter through email and she still hasnt read it which makes me kinda sad because i wen out of my way to say sorry to her about lying to her for 5 and a half months and she dosnt care eitther. what is it with these people? huh why is it that they dont care for me now when i tell them im lesbian? when it was normal to them when they didnt know? im still the same brittney, im still me!!! i know its just how lesbians go through things and i now see how hard it is. and i can deal with it. ♥

i told my mom that i was a lesbian, she dosnt know how to handle it. but im sure shell get it through her head in a while. i dont mind if she thinks of me less but i spent about 30 mins talking to her last night. i was crying all night and today i feel a little bit better. but it probally wont last long. what ever im not going to try to make my mom feel better about me she needs to do that herself.