since we got in trouble from talking in ace on my blog i totally forgot that i can still post things. i just haven’t been Un-lazy enough to do it. i am truly sorry for all you regular viewers. i will try to keep posting the news and other things too i am also changing up a few things too. let me know what you think. i am taking off the riddles. i think they are just time consuming. plus the site i used to get those riddles is blocked at all times on my computer. so i am stuck on that. i will be taking off my lame ass stupid story im sure all of you are sick of checking to see if i added things. its not going to happen. ill tell you the end. she gets out of the hospital and throws away her pills meets a nice guy and lives with her parents until shes 25. moves in with her boyfriend gets on track and is normal after that. her memory is copletly shot form what demon was inside her and she is working a full time job at drama directing. and goes back to get her high school diploma. what a great ending huh… well any way. im taking it off. lol
im going to make diary post every other day like monday wednesday and friday. weekends i work. yeah i got a job at the good egg. amazing huh. i never thought i would get one but i did, i work weekends.
i will be cleaning up the pictures and making my blog look alot better its just so cluttered i need to figure out how to make better things.

well i guess ill get on that later. but now i kinda have to go. not really but im tired of writing. here is again my email address if you want to talk to me.


thanks for your patience, my blog is now under construction.


im going to stick to one layout and thats that.
i plan to have my blog updated by the end of the month. today is may 8th 2009 so may 30th if not sooner. alright adios. 🙂